Sunday, July 8, 2018

Unshaven slobs in the West

Unshaven slobs in the West

Men in the West, specifically the USA in popular entertainment, sports, and among the young, it is trendy to sport the unshaven look.  Looking like a slob among males seems to be in vogue. 

Contrast that with young men in Asia, in sports and entertainment, most are neat and clean shaven. 

Just another example of the devolution taking place in the West (USA & Western Europe).

Article critical of unshaven faces:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

トニー・マラーノ テキサスパパ 토니 마라

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Anonymous said...

Tony, much love from Tokyo. I've been quietly following you for years.

I'm writing today in hopes that you may help spread word on SNS or something about the increasingly hysteric anti-Rising Sun Flag campaigns. Adidas caved, Liverpool FC caved, Japan Airlines caved. Now there is this online game PUBG that also deleted their content that showed the RSF.

There is this Reddit post condemning its capitulation to one such complaint, but people without reach can only do so much:

Thanks for your attention at all, my man.
Huge love and respect, because the pushback from hateful mob is relentless while the Japanese voice so meek and so weak.