Saturday, April 7, 2018

Why I Love Japan: Trucks, Nurses, and the Cross

Why I Love Japan: Trucks, Nurses, 
and the Cross

The opinions illustrated in this video are illustrated using screen shots from multiple Japanese movies and television dramas.  While viewing the aforementioned media an observation in the following:

Pickup Trucks:  Many scenes with adults riding freely in the back of pickup trucks.  This is noteworthy because in the distance past people in the U.S.A. also enjoyed this freedom.  Then the insurance companies purchased politicians and laws were passed prohibiting this freedom in the USA.  Another step in the development of the oppressive nanny state.

Nurses:  Scenes involving nurses, the nurses are attired in white uniforms.  One time nurses in the USA use to wear white uniforms.  They have been replaced with scrubs in assorted non-white colors. 

Actor’s cross:  In one movie / TV drama male actor can be seen in numerous scenes wearing a cross around his neck dangling from a chain of sorts.  The movie / TV drama had nothing to do with Christianity or mentioned or referenced his cross.  He must have been wearing the cross for his own personal reasons.  The director or the producer apparently did not require of him to remove it.  That is because in the Japan there is no fear of religion.  Transpose that to the USA and he would have been ordered to remove the cross from around his neck.

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