Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The aggressive, belligerent Japanese whalers

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The aggressive, belligerent Japanese whalers

Sea Shepherd is able to see what you do not see.  Sea Shepherd filed a court case in the United States Federal Ninth Circuit accusing the Japanese whalers of harassment.  The Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet Whale Wars clearly illustrated Sea Shepherd’s illegal harassment of the Japanese Whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean.  Sea Shepherd proudly uploaded videos of their illegal activity towards the Japanese. 

In those videos and in Whale Wars Sea Shepherd saw what the rest of us have not seen and that was the Japanese harassing Sea Shepherd.  Yep according to the hallucinations of that cult group the Japanese sailed into the Southern Ocean and gleefully chased and harassed the innocent children of that cult group Sea Shepherd.  Shame on Japan.  No, not shame on Japan, shame on the Ninth Circus (Ninth Circuit) for accepting such a frivolous court case. 

Videos and photographs courtesy of The Institute of Cetacean Research – ICR.
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