Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Palooka Sea Shepherd “Why We Fight”

Palooka Sea Shepherd “Why We Fight”

Ruff ‘n tuff cult group Sea Shepherd on their Facelessbook page titled “Sea Shepherd Global” shared a poster with the following inscription “This is Why We Fight,” imposed over a photograph of a whale’s butt sticking out of the sea.  Huh?  At the bottom is a Twitter hashtag: #FORTHEOCEANS. 

They fight to save a whales butt?  Perhaps they also intend to save the whole whale.  But where?  What whales are in their sights to save?   Sea Shepherd has an absolute zero rate success in saving whales.  This past whaling season in the Southern Ocean the Japanese whaling fleet captured their quota of whales.  Sea Shepherd claims to have around nine ocean-going vessels.  When the Japanese sent their whaling fleet into the Southern Ocean, Sea Shepherd in an announced attempt to hinder the whaling sent ONE vessel the MV Steve Irwin. 

It seems the MV Steve Irwin had other plans and instead of confronting the Japanese in the Southern Ocean, they sailed into Indonesian waters where there was zero whaling activity.  Perhaps they fell victim to a faulty GPS?  Hardly.  They fell victim to fear as most cowards do. 

It was a total failure not by accident but by design.  While the Japanese where harvesting whales in the Southern Ocean Sea Shepherd’s Siddharth Chakravarty and crew sailed the MV Steve Irwin into Indonesian.  In Indonesian waters they joyfully photographed the Viking Fishing vessel captured by the Indonesian Navy.  Huh?  Sea Shepherd photographs in Indonesia waters over 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers) from the Japanese. 

Since Japan reinterpreted their Constitution Sea Shepherd now fears an interdiction by the Japanese Navy or Cost Guard.  Because of this fear they sent one vessel to search for the Japanese in Indonesian waters instead of the Southern Ocean.  How is avoiding the whalers saving whales.  See it is not about saving whales it is about saving themselves and saving the money suckers around the globe donate to the cult group.

This summer the whaling season starts in the Faroe Islands.  The whales are kind enough to swim into the fjords offering themselves as free food for the Faroese.  How come Sea Shepherd is not there this summer as they have been in previous summers?      

The Faroes enacted a series of laws making it difficult for Sea Shepherd to operate there, thus the cult group is avoiding the Faroe Islands?  What happened to Sea Shepherd’s boasting they are willing to forfeit their lives and freedoms to save Watson’s clients the whales?

They are all bluster with the same goal as flim-flam-man, 21st century snake-oil salesmen. 

This organization is noted for their numerous failures and yet the minions continue to donate.  Minions please continue to fund Sea Shepherd’s failures for the three following reasons:

1 – Cosplay criminal Watson needs the money to continue living his luxurious lifestyle in Paris, France.
2 – Ady Gil of California has pending lawsuits against Sea Shepherd and money will be needed to pay possible judgements against Watson’s group.
3 – By keeping Sea Shepherd afloat it provides endless material for these videos.

To the minions:  Domo arigato gozaimasu.

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