Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Okinawa payoff

Okinawa payoff

Recently a judge in Okinawa, Japan awarded a group of flim-flam artist over $6 million (¥754 million) in compensation because of the aircraft noise from the Futenma airbase.  Futenma is a U.S. Marine base.  It has been a U.S. Marine airbase since 1945 with the surrounding area being unoccupied.

Over the past seventy years Okinawans started building homes around the airbase vastly increasing the population density.  How is it people move near an airport and not expect to hear the roar of aircraft engines?  Very simple:  Anti-American, Chinese Communist inspired, anti-Tokyo, or just plain slip-and-fall artists. 

The law suit was filed against the central government in Tokyo.  This is the second such law suit, the first filed in 2002 and in 2010 paid near $3 million (¥369 million). 

-          Move next to an airport and complain about aircraft noise.
-          Move into a beach house and complain about the noise from the waives hitting the beach.    
-          Move next to an Interstate highway and complain about the noise from passing trucks.     

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