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Sea Shepherd THUNDER, where’s the proof?

Sea Shepherd THUNDER, where’s the proof?

Sea Shepherd’s Operation Icefish to halt toothfish poachers in the Southern Ocean reported being in pursuit of the NNS Thunder, a Nigerian flag fishing vessel.  The cult group’s clowns on their rust bucket garbage scow the Bob Barker with Cabin Boy on board claimed to have made a “citizen’s arrest in international waters on the high seas on the vessel NNS Thunder.  Really?  Then how come Sea Shepherd after this “citizen’s arrest” stalked the NNS Thunder for 110 days?     

Cabin Boy (aka: Peter Helmethead) radioed the captain of the NNS Thunder proclaiming he was making a citizen’s arrested and ORDERED the vessel to sail to an Australian port.  The news from Sea Shepherd was they intercepted the vessel, however according the Watson’s Facelessbook (Facebook) page the NNS Thunder was not cooperating with the floating circus causing the Bob Barker to chase the intercepted vessel.

Watson also noted on his Facelessbook (Facebook) page the Nigerian flag vessel NNS Thunder has an Interpol purple notice. Really?  Since when did an Interpol notice mean anything to this eco-terrorists group?  Watson has an Interpol red notice on him, he jumped bail in Germany, wanted in Japan and Coast Rica, and he wants to exploit a purple notice on the NNS Thunder? 

The clowns also announced their other rust bucket garbage scow the Sam Simon (made in Japan and purchased from the Japanese) also joined the stalking with the goal of confiscating the NNS Thunder’s fishing gear.  In the interest of accuracy please replace the word “confiscating” with “stealing.”

After 110 days of being stalked by Sea Shepherd the NNS Thunder issued a distress signal, their vessel was sinking.  Sea Shepherd’s two vessels came to the rescue of the 40 fishermen from the NNS Thunder.  Cabin Boy stated he did not want any of the rescued seamen on the Bob Barker, causing the 40 rescued fishermen to be placed on the Sam Simon.  The Sam Simon with a crew of 20 brought on board 40 “poachers,” and segregated the “poachers” on the vessel.  How come the crew of the Bob Barker feared the 40 fishermen where the crew of the Sam Simon had no such fear?

Did the crew of the Sam Simon have weapons with them according them the safety they needed to protect themselves from the “poachers?”  While the NNS Thunder was sinking Sea Shepherd members illegally boarded the vessel.  Where is the proof the NNS Thunder was engaged in poaching?  Videos, photographs as of date seem to have not surfaced.   While the NNS Thunder was sinking and the crew being rescued Sea Shepherd was fast to claim the captain of the NNS Thunder purposely scuttled the vessel to cause any poaching evidence to sink to the bottom of the sea along with the ship. 

An appeal to Sea Shepherd’s minions (suckers):  Please continue to donate money to Sea Shepherd to keep the floating circus afloat.  This will allow all to continue to play the game of pretend.  Old adage:  “Once a man, twice a child.”   

Watson’s Facebook writing concerning this incident:
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