Wednesday, April 29, 2015

President Obama validates Tony and Japan

President Obama validates Tony and Japan

Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe and his wife are in the USA for a week.  They enjoyed an impressive welcoming ceremony by President Obama on The White House Lawn.

During my many visits to Japan and conferences I am always asked by concern Japanese about Japan’s image in the USA.  This concern arises from the continued attacks / Japan bashing by some in South Korea, and many Koreans living in the USA.  These groups of lunatics are attempting to degrade Japan’s image in the USA by their continued attacks concerning:

-          Changing the “Sea of Japan” to a fictional name (East Sea).
-          Promoting their revisionist version of the Comfort Women story.
-          Demanding continue apologies for activities from the first part of the last century.  

I always assure the people in Japan all these insidious efforts by these lunatics have not been successful in tarnishing Japan’s positive image in the USA.  Different aspects of Japanese culture have been inculcated into the American fabric.  Such as their electronics, automobiles, robotics, anime, manga, karaoke, cosplay, sushi, and ancient traditions.

This was confirmed by President Obama in his welcoming speech to Prime Minister Abe on The White House lawn.  It would be nice for me to boast President Obama must be watching my videos, however truth is:  What President Obama and I say about Japan’s culture in the USA is recognized by many in the United States.

President Obama’s welcoming speech to Prime Minister Abe:

Complete White House lawn ceremony:

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