Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tony's Men's Egg interview

Tony’s “Men’s Egg” interview

While in Tokyo I was invited to be interviewed by “Men’s Egg” (MensEGG) a Japanese fashion magazine for young men.  It is related to Gyaru (gyaruo) fashion. 

The issue with this interview and photographs will be released all across Japan on 14 June 2012.  The 14 May 2012 issue will have an announcement of the interview in the 14 June 2012 issue. 

This video the video portion is muted.  I did this to maintain the integrity of the interview leaving the context to be revealed in the magazine when released.  I had a great time with this interview experience with the wonderful people of Men’s Egg and their editor. 

Men’s Egg website (Japanese):

Men’s Egg in Wikipedia:


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NewMoonOnMonday said...

Hi, Daddy!
Wait a minute, what the heck is the "image video"?

No sound...we can't enjoy how you guys had the interview with