Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sea Shepherd dishonor the Flying Tigers

Background: During the Sino Japanese War, prior to World War Two, the Nationalist Chinese of China were an ally to the United States of America. The Nationalist leader Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek requested retired American Army Air Force officer, Claire L. Chennault to help train the Chinese Air Force.

100 P-40 fighter planes were purchased for the Chinese Air Force. In 1941 112 American aviators volunteered to go to China and formed the American Volunteer Group (AVG), popularly known as the Flying Tigers with their iconic P-40's front painted with shark teeth, on the body painted a flying tiger. These men fought and flew heroically to defend an American ally and after December 7th, 1941, defend their nation, the United States of America.

Recently it was reported that the eco-terror group, Sea Shepherd plan to bastardize the logo of the heroic Flying Tigers as a symbol in their harassment of the Japanese whaling fleet. Sea Shepherd is doing dishonor to our brave military of World War Two who fought in the China Burma Theater. How can girly men ever respectfully pretend to be 21st century Flying Tigers? They should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting the heroic and selfless sacrifices made by the Flying Tigers of the last century.

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xiaolintemple said...

Hi, my hero.
I have a question.
On YouTube, watching this video, what do you think?

President Obama, the Emperor of Japan, made a bow is a diplomatic courtesy.
Now, the U.S. media is humiliating, and reported.
Bowing to the Emperor of Japan to the yellow race is what's demeaning?
Now the world has changed. President of the United States are African American.
President of the United States the world's most proud of?
Americans think the United States and we are king of the world?
President of the United States bowed to the absolute?
Many Japanese love America.
However, the report said the United States, the Japanese are feeling the shock and disappointment.
Bowing is just a greeting.
My hero, do you think?
Japan is not a communist nation.
What is the American media like China and North Korea?
Kim Jon-il is a dictator or you do not have to bow?
The Chinese Communist Party is always smiling?
CCP sweet trapped in a trap?