Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sea Shepherd and Commodore Tony

"I'm commodore Tony and I'm reporting for duty."

Captain Kangaroo and Cabin Boy pretend they have law enforcement authority hiding behind a badge the captain proudly wears. Sea Shepherd took their hallucinating a step further in August of 2008 when they issued an arrest warrant for the Japanese whalers. In the USA this type of delusion is called the "Wyatt Earp Syndrome."
This delusion gave birth to Commodore Tony because of the eBay purchase of a U.S.A. Navy hat. Could this be called a distortion of the "Popeye Syndrome?" Shiver me timbers me hearties!
The girly men of Sea Shepherd pretend to be pirates while playing on the high seas creating hazardous conditions for the Japanese mariners. These girly men have bastardized the pirate flag doing dishonor to the likes of these despicable sea fearing thugs of yore (they being real pirates of yesteryear). How can one dishonor a dishonorable lot as pirates? Thank you Sea Shepherd for that accomplishment.

Google news on a daily bases reports of the exploits and preparation by Sea Shepherd and their spoiled children. While remaining mute about the Japanese whale hunt approaching and their preparation. Could this be the whaling season where sake will be pouring in celebration? Hmmmmm?

However there was the following news: Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama said, "I hate whale meat," and spoke to the Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende. Mr. Hatoyama urged Mr. Balkenende to take action against Sea Shepherd for their illegal attacks upon the Japanese whaling fleet. The Sea Shepherd garbage scow, rust bucked is registered in the Netherlands (Dutch).
Recently an episode of South Park renamed Sea Shepherds behavior as "Whale Whores." Nuff said..

Because of Sea Shepherd reckless behavior in the frigid waters just to entertain the audiences of Whale Wars and prospective donors, prayers are needed. Prays to make sure the childish and dangerous behavior of Sea Shepherd will not cause the loss of life for both the children of Sea Shepherd and the mariners of the Japanese whaling fleet.

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