Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another White House "Saturday night massacre" and the news media is silent

President of these here United States of America (USA), President Barack Obama (Democrat) has fired Gerald Walpin. Mr. Walpin is or was the Inspector General for AmeriCorps who uncovered some irregularities with an $850,000 grant from AmeriCorps. The grant was to St. Hope which is run by an NBA star Kevin Johnson (Democrat), and supporter of President Obama. Kevin Johnson is also the Democratic mayor of Sacramento, California.

The Inspector General investigates a friend and support of Barack Obama and the IG gets fired. To this the once independent news media is silent. Which gives credence to Rush Limbaughs claim the media in the USA is now government run as the media volunteered their surrender to this current administration.

Back in 1973 when President Richard Nixon (Republican) fired Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox and the next day newspaper headlines across the nation labeled this a "Saturday night massacre." Now with the firing of Inspector General Walpin by President Obama, per the news media no "massacre" or news took place.

Here is a link to an article appearing in The Wall Street Journal on this issue:

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