Thursday, January 17, 2008

Drudge Report and Monica

The Dallas Morning News ran an editorial concer... (more)
Added: January 17, 2008
The Dallas Morning News ran an editorial concerning The Drudge Report of the Monica Lewinsky affair with ex-rated President, William Jefferson Clinton. The editorial lamented that while Drudge gain prominence exposing "the personal vice of others, guards his privacy intensely."

What editors of The Dallas Morning News fails to accept is that Bill Clinton soiled the Oval Office in The White House while he was a sitting president. As such once one becomes president of these here United States, can not expect secrecy in their personal lives. Even if such is to be accorded to presidents, then by all means when sex happens in the people's office, the Oval Office, that is news. The Dallas Morning News continues to run cover to the Clintons.

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