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From basketball to Harvard, antisemitism

From basketball to Harvard, antisemitism

In Ireland, the Women’s basketball team played the Israel Women’s basketball team.  It is tradition for both teams to shake the hands of the opposing team.  The Irish team refused to shake the hands of the Israeli team.  As an expression of their pro-Hamas / Palestine stance by the Irish team. In essence their antisemitism.  They claimed it was because of what one Israeli player said, accusing the Irish team of antisemitism. 

From The Guardian news article (link below):

“Minutes before the match was set to start, Basketball Ireland said on social media that its players had decided to do away with the usual pre-match courtesies, linking the decision to earlier comments made by Israeli player Dor Saar.

In an interview published on Tuesday by the Israeli Basketball Association, Saar addressed the upcoming match with Ireland. 'It’s known that they are quite antisemitic and it’s no secret, and maybe that’s why a strong game is expected,” she said. “We talk about it among ourselves. We know they don’t love us and we will leave everything on the field always and in this game especially.”

October 7, 2023, Israel was attacked by Hamas savages (Palestinians).  They murdered Israelis and Americans.  Took Israeli and American hostages.  Rapped women, beheaded children, and murdered civilians.  Their goal to replicate the actions of the SS in Nazi Germany. 

More antisemitism, this time met with pro-Israel.  Harvard University, known for antisemitism among the student body, the facility, and the administration.  At a  pro-Hamas / Palestine rally, there was a counter rally.  This rally pro-Israel was made up of Harvard South Korean Christian students. 

South Korea’s Christian population is around 27%.  Ireland’s Christian population around 75%.  Yet South Korean Harvard students are in touch with their Christianity.  Jesus Christ was Jewish.  Thus, is if one claims to be Christian and hate Jews, they also hate Jesus Christ.  How can one hate Jesus Christ and claim to be a Christian?           

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NOTE:  Black ribbon on the United States flag is an expression of mourning for the death of the constitutional republic in the United States of America that happened on January 20th, 2021.     

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