Thursday, January 21, 2021

There you go again Japan with racism

There you go again Japan with racism

According to a black American living in Japan, there is racism in Japan.  That is according the Baye McNeil, a black American from Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Why did Mr. McNeil leave the USA?  Too much racism perhaps?  He is representative of the liberals in the USA who ruined the nation.  Remember liberals are not happy unless you are unhappy.  Rush Limbaugh once said, “If you want to ruin another nation, just export American liberalism to them.”

That is exactly what is happening to Japan with people such as Mr. McNeil over-stating racism in Japan.  If racism is so bad in Japan, how come Mr. McNeil is not returning to the USA?

How come blacks from Africa are moving to the USA and to Japan if both nations are riddled with racism? 

People Japan should tell Mr. McNeil and his type:  Yankee go home!

BLM Tokyo:

BLM Tokyo (in Japanese):

Here BLM claims are example of racism in Japan:

Article with “diversity:”

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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