Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hillary’s October Surprise

Hillary’s October Surprise

Every four years during a presidential election the Democratic Party, notably the Democratic Party’s nominee have been involved with an “October Surprise.”  Most of them involve scandalous accusation hurled at the Republican Party’s nominee. 

 What can Hillary Clinton (Bill’s wife) be expected to scream about as her “October Surprise?”  Can she point the finger at Trump’s infidelity and indiscretions?  Hardly, because Donald Trump has admitted to such activities in his past.  Also if Hillary attempts that it will only fall back on her husband’s numerous affairs.

What will Hillary do for her “October Surprise?”  Hillary and / or the Democrats will drag out adults claiming to have been Trump’s illegitimate children.  Claiming Trump did not admit to siring them nor did he provide any financial support.  This neglect resulted in the illegitimate child along with the mother having to live in poverty while Trump lived high atop the Trump Tower in luxury in hi Manhattan penthouse.

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