Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The shutter click heard around the world

Prime Minister Abe and President Obama

The shutter click heard around the world

The photograph of President Obama and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shaking hands on The White House lawn with large Japanese and American flags in the background was the shutter-click heard around the world.  More specifically that shutter-click reverberated through the hallow halls of South Korean President Park’s office and residence the “pavilion of blue tiles,” aptly named “The Blue House.”  That same reverberation echoed through the depraved halls of The Great Hall of the People located on the edge of the blood stained expanse of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China.

Communist Chinese flags   

As expected the crazies and lunatics in the USA were fully mobilized by their counterparts in Communist-led China, and the communist want-to-bees on the southern portion of the Korean peninsula, South Korea.  The Commie ideologues of Korean and Chinese decent in the USA mobilized protest to Mr. Abe’s visit both in Washington, DC, and California.  These led-by-the-nose puppets carried worn-out bumper sticker slogans so familiar by hooligans the world over.

Remember Pearl Harbor
Many of these Koreans and Chinese protested either waiving Chinese Communist flags or alongside such blood-stained flags.  If these Commie loving drones love the Communist in China as indicated by their support, why don’t they just move to The Middle Kingdom (China)?   The great part about living in the USA is one is not forced to live here.  The Koreans at the demonstrations have such a hate for Japan (Japan bashing) that they were willing to ally themselves with known Communist. 

A number of these commie-loving empty headed protesters held signs which read, “Remember Pearl Harbor.”  Many Koreans in this 21st century are quick to point accusing fingers at the great nation on the east side of the Sea of Japan, the land of the Rising Sun - Japan, while admonishing something like this, “those who forget their history have no future.” 

Korean POW guards in the Japanese Imperial Army
Okay let us remember history and remember Pearl Harbor:  Truth is on December 7th, 1941 (December 8th, 1941 in Japan) when the attack upon Pearl Harbor happened, the Korean peninsula was part of Japan (1910 – 1945).  To truly remember Pearl Harbor is to remember Koreans aided and assisted the Imperial military in its attack.  Remember many Koreans joined the Japanese Imperial Army and served as prison guards at many POW (Prisoner of War) camps holding Americans and the Allies.  Yep, we remember history and we remember the Koreans contribution to Imperial Japan’s war machine. 

How about we remember some more history?  The history of how South Korean troops during the Korean War (1950 - 1953) massacred hundreds of thousands of their own citizens.  Yep, let us not forget that part of South Korean history.  How many times have people in South Korea reminded their communist friends in Beijing about the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989, known as the “June Fourth Incident?”           

Here we have the Prime Minister of Japan visiting the United States and some of the crazies in South Korean have to inject their lunacy into the visit to the delight of those pulling the strings in Beijing.  We in the USA are honored to have had Mr. Abe address a joint session of Congress that week.  It is an honored bestowed upon a duly elected chief executive of an important and pivotal ally in Asia. 

Prime Minister Abe’s near one-hour address to the joint-session of Congress was an outstanding success.  In attendance were 535 members of the United States Congress (House of Representatives and Senate).  There were perhaps two members of Congress who were critical of Prime Minister Abe’s address.  Two is such an insignificant number in reference to 535.  Those numbers represent an impressive accomplishment by the Prime Minister as well as a profound respect for the nation and people of Japan.  Mr. Abe speaking in English personalized his relationship with the USA relating his youth spent in America.  Relating this nostalgic part of his life further endeared him to many Americans. 

Add this to President Obama’s prior address on The White House lawn welcoming Mr. and Mrs. Abe to the United States.  President Obama reference various aspects of Japanese culture we enjoy in the United States illustrating a strong kinship we our two wonderful nations.  Mr. Abe presented to the people of the United States a kind, gentle chief executive at the helm of a like-minded nation.  We delight in his mentioning America’s involvement in Operation Tomodachi.  It reminded us in the USA of the many nations we help only to have a rare “thank you,” as it arrived from Japan. 

The United States appreciates Prime Minister Abe leading Japan in taking an active role in the security of Asia with reference to growing Communist aggression.  Recently an Australian columnist named Hugh White writing for “The Age” wrote a column titled “Nothing to fear now that Japan is rising again.”  Those exact sentiments expressed by the Australian columnist also expressed the same feelings here in the United States.  Japan and the United States behaving like mature nations are able to keep our history in the past while working together for the future to our mutual benefit.          
To Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: “Welcome to America.”  That is a traditional greeting we in the USA enjoy extending to those who come to America legally.  Sorry the greeting is a little late.  Mr. Abe’s trip to the USA is a welcome visit from the elected leader of a trusted and friendly allied nation Japan. 

Mr. Abe’s trip was a great success for both Japan and the United States.

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Anonymous said...

I feel very sad for the American Veterans of WWII who were POWs of the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII. Not just for what they endured but for being deceived today 70 years later by Korean-Americans, whose own people were notoriously known for brutality towards Allied POWs. That the U.S. media ignores the sheer hypocrisy of Korean "hating and blaming Japan" for everything, as if they playen no role in WWII is disgraceful.