Saturday, August 16, 2014

Apple’s tech force color blind?

Apple’s tech force color blind?

Appearing in The Dallas Morning News (DMN) an article from the Associated Press (AP) titled “Apple’s tech force mostly white, Asian.” 

The article details how Apple’s tech work force is “mostly white, Asian,” while blacks and Hispanics are in the minority.  One is left with the interpretation that Apple lacks diversity.  Lacks diversity in what?  Diversity in ethnicity or in academics?  

Statistics show whites and Asians graduate high school at a high percentage rate.  Could that have something do with the ethnic numbers at Apple?  Look deeper and one will discover this lack of so-called diversity is due to behavior as oppose to a race-based plan. 

Statistics also show those groups with the highest out of wedlock births also have the highest high school dropout rate.  One can only conclude the situation is due to behavior of those not hired or their families rather than purposeful omission.   

Understand this:  In 21st century America “diversity” only means elimination of standards, merit, and promotion of Balkanization.  “Diversity” as practice in 21st century America is rooted in political correctness which equals pure evil.  

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