Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Where is Watson?

Where is Watson?

W. I. W. = Where is Watson? 
“W. W.” = Wanted Watson.

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson has been in Germany since May 13, 2012 awaiting the disposition of an extradition request filed by Costa Rican authorities.  During this review period Mr. Watson was ordered by a German court not to leave Germany pending the outcome.

It has been reported that Mr. Watson has jumped bail and German authorities have issued an arrest warrant for him.  Meaning the 250,000 bail (303,288 USD, 23,729,745 JPY) paid by his organization has been lost. 

Where did he run to?  Did not German authorities confiscate his passport when they placed him under house arrest?  If he is still in Germany could he be hiding in a Canadian or United States embassy seeking some type of asylum?  Remember Paul Watson has dual Canadian and U.S. citizenship. 

Did he escape to Afghanistan a nation riddled with fellow terrorists?  Since Osama Bin Laden left Afghanistan there is a cave with a vacancy waiting for the fugitive Watson.  Nearby in Iraq Saddam Hussein left a vacant spider hole he could possibly slither into.

With the upcoming whaling season in the Southern Ocean approaching who would lead Sea Shepherd?  How about Cabin Boy Peter Helmethead?  Mr. Helmethead led the Southern Ocean illegal activities this past whaling season after Watson sailed away in fear.  He sailed to Australia fearing a Japanese so-called security vessel following him.  Long live Peter the new Captain!

How long will it take either Cabin Boy Peter Helmethead or the fugitive Watson to blame the Japanese for his sudden departure, jumping bail, and perhaps fleeing Germany?  Did some Japanese ninjas drag him back to Japan?

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Anonymous said...

Within EU, most borders are open entering by car.
France, Luxembourg, Netherland etc.

Anonymous said...

I luv how ur entire life is based on obsessing about Paul Watson HA, wow wonder y hmm ..... U really need to get out more. why u hate someone who us trying to save our planet is just stupid. What do u do? U sit on ur computer and blog about PPL specifically Paul Watson wow ur forever going to be remembered by no one what an accomplishment, while Paul will be remembered as the person who tried or who saved our oceans. But I guess someone who only cares about themselves can't understand that or see how someone can can be passionate about others or the environment huh?

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