Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sea Shepherd cry for me Argentina

Sea Shepherd cry for me Argentina

Sea Shepherd’s mission statement in part reads:
“Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.”

In keeping with their mission statement this video is making an appeal to Sea Shepherd and their supporters.  The southern right whales off Peninsula Valdes, Argentina are under attack.

The whales are there from June to September as part of their mating season.  Seagulls have been attacking the whales.  The seagulls whose peaks are tainted with hazards from eating in Argentine garbage dumps, peck into the backs of the whales.  This causes open wounds and infections in the whales. 

Wait a minute!  We are told by animal rights and anti-whalers that whales are as intelligent if not more than humans.  Then how come these brilliant mammals do not do the following:

1 – When the seagull lands on the back of the whale how come the whale does not submerge?
2 – We are told the whales can communicate with one another.  Then how come they do not warn whales not to enter those waters?
3 – If their backs are being attacked by seagulls how come they do not find another place to mate?

Sea Shepherd and their supporters can end these attacks.  Sea Shepherd supporters should send money to finance a Sea Shepherd expedition to Argentine waters.  This would give the good captain a South American cruise after being detained in Germany. 

Also their supporters should send Sea Shepherd the plastic soda can rings used to hold six cans together.  Then when Sea Shepherd arrives in Argentina they can toss these plastic soda can rings at the seagulls or the habitat.  It is well known birds get their peeks stuck in these plastic rings, thus disabling their ability to peck at the whale’s blubber.  It’s Feathers vs. Blubber.

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