Friday, July 20, 2012

ABC News exploits the massacre at the
movie theater

A lone gunman James Holmes allegedly murder 13 people and wounded 50 at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.     

ABC New readers Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos stated the gunman may have a link with the Tea Party.  Because Brian Ross’s “investigation” found that name on a Tea Party website in Aurora, Colorado.  Here is the video (if ABC has not removed it):   

Why would ABC check a Tea Party website looking for James Holmes?  Did ABC also check “Occupy” websites?  Did they check Democratic Party donor list?  This is another disgusting example how the left, and the news media always look to exploit a tragedy for political purposes. 

The alleged James Holmes is 24 years old.  The James Holmes ABC attempted to accuse who was on the Tea Party website is 52 years old. 

Next they will attack our Second Amendment rights. 

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