Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sea Shepherd interview
again reality is challenged

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson was interviewed by RT news once known at “Russia Today” and is a network based in Russia.  The interviewer was in Washington, DC. 

During the interview Mr. Watson said the following: 

He said at 3:11 –
Paul Watson interviewed
“we are not a protest organization we don’t protest anything we intervene against illegal activities and a….. killing whales by Japan in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary is illegal.”

Then why did he go into the Faroe Islands?  The whaling in the Faroe Islands is in the Faroe Islands and not in a make-believe whale sanctuary in the Southern Ocean. 

When he speaks is he aware of his past activities?

Another peculiar aspect of this interview he did not riddle it with blaming Japan. 

The RT interview:

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