Tuesday, July 17, 2012

China's commies' aggression in the South China Sea

China’s commies’ aggression in the South China Sea

When the commies in China started an accelerated program to build and modernize their navy, many became concern.  The commies attempted to alleviate those fears by claiming the navy buildup was to protect their shipping routes.  On the surface that is a legitimate claim, however with commies it had to have a sinister goal and it did.

Portions of the South China Sea are claimed by Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, and the Philippines.  These territorial claims into these waters were basically unchallenged and recognized by the United Nations, UNCLOS 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone – EEZ.

When natural resources were discovered in these waters and in waters off many of the minute islands that dot the waters, the commies in China all of a sudden lay claim to these waters.  Their territorial claims intrude upon the EEZ of the fore mentioned nations.  The commie excuse is they have ancient Chinese maps illustrating those waters belong to The Middle Kingdom (current day commie-led China). 

Following China’s territorial claims based on old maps other nations might want to do the same.  France can reclaim the lands conquered by Napoleon.  Italy can get back all the lands surrounded the Mediterranean Sea once the Roman Empire.  To help Greece with their economic concerns give them back the lands once conquered by Alexander the Great. 

In the USA Texas can expand their borders to their original state when Texas was an independent nation. 

The commies in China sent 30 fishing vessels with a security vessel into Philippine waters (Spratly Islands) a bold challenge to Philippine territorial integrity.  The government of the Philippines thinks hold talks with the commies will solve the dispute.  Never happen, the commies do not respond to talk, only to force.  Example:

In the Sea of Japan a commie Chinese vessel violated Russian waters.  The Russian military vessel fired a warning shot and the commies sailed away with the Russians giving chase.  After a three hour chase the Russians captured the commie vessel and brought it to a Russian port of Nakhodka.  That is the only way to address commie aggression with force, not with talking. 

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