Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sea Shepherd needs more of your money

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson was detained by German authorities in a prison awaiting the disposition of an extradition request from Costa Rica.  Sea Shepherd’s supporters all over the world donated money to raise over three-hundred thousand dollars in bail money. 

Upon payment of the bail, Mr. Watson was released and sent to house-arrest in Germany.  Once again awaiting final disposition of the extradition request.  Recently Mr. Watson jumped bail and left Germany.  This illegal flight means the bail money donated by his supporters will now go to the German authorities, the ones who incarcerated him.      

About four years ago Sea Shepherd’s vessel the Steve Erwin was impounded by Canadian authorities for illegal anti-seal hunt activities by the crew.  To get the vessel released Sea Shepherd had to comply with specific request by the Canadians.  Sea Shepherd refused and basically told the Canadians to keep the vessel. 

This bold move by Sea Shepherd was done because they knew their supporters would donate money to purchase another vessel – and they did!

About two years ago Sea Shepherd’s vessel the Ady Gil collided with a Japanese vessel in the Southern Ocean.  The Ady Gil was disabled and was being towed by Sea Shepherd’s the Steve Irwin.  During the voyage back to Australia according to Sea Shepherd’s one-time member Peter Bethune, Paul Watson order the Ady Gil released and left it to flounder and/or sink at sea polluting the Southern Ocean. 

What did Sea Shepherd supporters do?  They donated money to replace the Ady Gil.  It was replaced with a vessel named the “Brigitte Bardot.”  This vessel was met with a Divine Wind, during their Passing Wind (1) campaign suffering server damage.  

(1)    – The actual name of Sea Shepherd’s campaign was “Divine Wind,” renamed by a critic (me – PropagandaBuster) “Passing Wind.”

The summer of 2011 the Steve Irwin was sailing to the Faroe Islands to interfere with whaling.  On the way they put into port in Scotland.  The Scottish authorities impounded the vessel based on a pending law suit.  Sea Shepherd supporters raised bail money to release the vessel.  The vessel was released went to the Faroe Islands and did not save one whale while there.

Sea Shepherd’s reckless expenditures with donated money needs a source of unlimited funds and their supporters have proven to be that source.  The bail-jumping leader needs more money to support his life on the run, people who support Sea Shepherd need to continue to do so.

With such an impressive record of fiscal responsibility why would not their previous money donors continue?     

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David said...

Just two corrections.

The ship seized by Canada was the Farley Mowat, the Steve Irwin is the ship that replaced it.

The Sea Shepherds did not own the Ady Gil, they were just leasing it. Which makes their call for donations to replace it even worse, since they didn't own it or lose it.