Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Forest fires, blame bullets

Forest fires, blame bullets

States in Western part of the United States (USA) are suffering from forest fires.  Colorado is dealing with immense forest fires.  The lunatic global warming crowd announced these fires are due to global warming.  Any tragedy be it man-made or natural according to these lunatics are the results of global warming.  They exploit these events to promote their agenda. 

The Dallas Morning News (DMN) printed an article from Associated Press (AP) headlined “Guns adding fuel to fire concerns.”  The article claims steel jacketed bullets (steel bullets) when discharged and ricochet off rocks create a spark which is causing these forest fires.  They are urging gun owners to used lead bullets.  Huh?

Background:  A few years ago an environmentalist condemned the use of lead bullets claiming they harm the environment and urged gun owners to use steel bullets.  Now they claim the steel bullets are causing forest fires and the gun owners should switch back to lead bullets.  Do you see a bit of lunacy here? 

Here is what is going on with those fires:  The global warming crowd and the anti-gun (anti-second amendment) crowd are both attempting to exploit these tragic fires to advance their agendas.  Both groups are ignoring the main cause of these fires.  Many jurisdictions prevent the clearing of underbrush in the forest and the clearing of dead wood.  Both of which serve as tinder just waiting for a spark to ignite.  Also recently the U.S. Forest Service has restricted the use of fire retardant chemicals.  This was done because animal rights wackos claim the chemicals may harm endangered species, totally ignore the harm those same fires will caused to those endangered species. 

It is fun watching lunatic liberals exploit for the purpose of advancing their bankrupt agendas.  

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