Monday, July 2, 2012

Sea Shepherd implicates Emperor Akihito of Japan

Sea Shepherd implicates
Emperor Akihito of Japan  

Captain Kangaroo of the cult group Sea Shepherd continues to blame Japan for he being held responsible for his behavior.  Costa Rica is attempting to extradite him from Germany for some of his behavior in Central America about ten years ago. 

In the groups typical fashion Captain Kangaroo and Cabin Boy (Peter Helmethead) implicate Japan as the cause for the Costa Rican extradition request.  Here in part is a portion of their attempt to validate their hallucinations:

They claim that the President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla visited Tokyo, Japan in December, 2011 and met with Japanese Emperor Akihito.  That part is true.  Then within six months Japan gave Costa Rica 9 million dollars to help protect Costa Rica’s national parks.  That part is also true.  Because of this the cult is claiming that must have been part of an agreement between Costa Rica and Japan, 9 million dollars to file extradition for Captain Kangaroo.  Talk about a stretch from reality. 

Two heads of state met and they discuss Captain Kangaroo?  Can anyone possibly give that hallucination any consideration other than Sea Shepherd’s minions?  Self-absorbed, and a self-inflated ego.

The good Captain needs to start behaving like a man and take full responsibility for his actions.  By continually blaming Japan all he is doing is tapping into the hate his minions harbor in the darkest chambers of their darkened hearts, their hate for Japan and the Japanese.  Disgusting! 

Captain Kangaroo claims if he is sent to a Costa Rican jail it could mean death for him.  Regrettably agreement there.  He could be facing life threatening harm in a Costa Rican jail.  He belongs in jail, hopefully in a Japanese jail or a jail in the Faroe Islands, but not in Costa Rica.         

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