Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sea Shepherd illegal activity documented by Animal Planet

Below is a video link posted by Animal Planet on YouTube.  It shows Sea Shepherd attempting to disable the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru No. 2.  This video is part of their series “Whale Wars,” a program documenting the illegal activities of Sea Shepherd. 

In the video Sea Shepherd in their zodiacs attempt to plug the cooling vents on the Shonan Maru No.2.  The eco-terrorist believes by plugging the cooling vents it will cause the engines of the vessel to overheat and disabled the ship.

Basically they want to leave this ship and crew disabled dead in the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean.  Animal Planet did a service by documenting this vicious, illegal, and dangerous activity of Sea Shepherd.  It is a clear demonstration of the Japanese passivity in the face of Sea Shepherd’s belligerent illegal behavior.     

The video starts off with a joke masquerading as a disclaimer:

The following program contains commentary and opinions
that do not necessarily reflect the
opinions of Animal Planet or the show’s producers.“
Really?  The fact that the producers of Animal Planet at Whale Wars inception made no attempt to video the Japanese perspective clearly illustrates Animal Planet’s approval and support of Sea Shepherd’s activities.

Animal Planet’s video:

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benjamin mouritsen said...

animal planet tryed to ask the japaners government to have a camera Crew on board. but that whase not granet. Animal planet tryed......