Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Where is Watson, the guessing game

Most likely when Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd was placed under house arrest in Germany his passport must have been confiscated.  Mr. Watson was placed under house arrest in Germany awaiting a ruling on a request by Costa Rica to extradite him.

The 250,000 Euros paid by his supporters to bail him out was lost because Mr. Watson fled Germany.  So where did he go without a passport?  It is easy to travel from Germany to neighboring nations, France being one of them.

Retired French actress Brigitte Bardot has been a strong supporter of Mr. Watson and Sea Shepherd.  Their latest vessel was named after her.  Ms. Bardot even offered to take Mr. Watson’s place in prison.  Since it would be almost seamless for Paul Watson to cross over from Germany to France, would it be reasonable to think he is being housed by the actress / supporter?     

Ms. Bardot offers to take Mr. Watson’s place in prison:

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