Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hillary in Egypt, shoes thrown and Monica

Hillary in Egypt, thrown shoes and Monica

Recently U.S. Madame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Egypt.  During this trip her motorcade was met with protesters chanting “Monica, Monica, Monica,” (a reference to her X-rated husband Bill and his affair with White House 21 year old intern Monica).  The protesters also threw shoes at Hillary’s motorcade. 

The American news media reported Hillary’s trip to Egypt, however most left unreported the protesters, the chanting of “Monica,” and the shoes being thrown.  Some years ago President Bush was in Iraq and a shoe was thrown at him, and it was all over the American news media for day.  Their reporting of the shoe incident with President Bush was met with glee and lengthy explanations of the inference behind throwing a shoe in Middle Eastern culture. 

Once again another glowing example of the bias in the American news media.         

The article referenced in this video appeared in The Dallas Morning News - DMN, from the Associated Press - AP. 

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