Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Outsourcing President Obama accuses Mitt Romney

Outsourcing President Obama accuses
Mitt Romney

President Obama, the Democrats, and their goose-stepping co-conspirators in the news media are playing the game of deflection.  This is a tactic to get president Obama re-elected.  They are attempting to deflect from a failed economy and failed presidentacy.

In this attempt they are trying to make an issue of Mitt Romney’s relationship with Bain Capital.  The President and his henchmen are accusing Romney of outsourcing jobs while he was at Bain Capital.  That is a lie.  The outsourcing at Bain Capital happened after Romney left the company in 1996.  The person at Bain after 1996 was a gentleman named Jonathan Lavine.  The outsourcing took place while Mr. Lavine was at Bain and Mr. Lavine is currently a “bundlers” for the Democratic Party.         

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“Bundlers” collect and raise campaign donations.  Here is a list of Democratic Party bundlers:

The true outsourcer is President Obama.  From his last Stimulus Package he gave money to around twenty countries outsourcing jobs overseas.  Those countries he gave our money to for jobs are:

Finland, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Russia, India, Thailand, Vietnam (commies), Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Mexico, Japan, Dominican Republic, and China (commies).  

Please do not all the news media, Democrats and President Obama to deflect from the real issues in this election, and that is their destruction of this country and the failed economy. 

President Obama’s outsourcing:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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