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China's commies and Li Wangyang's so-called suicide

 China’s commies and Li Wangyang’s
 so-called suicide 

The commies in China have changed China from “The Middle Kingdom” to the “Magic Kingdom,” as only commies can do.  They do it with vicious gangster behavior with zero value placed on human life.

About three years ago a Buddhist Tibetan Monk named Nashi Sango, age 28 was arrested by commie authorities.  He was locked up in a jail cell.  Then one morning the commies claim Nashi Sango was no longer in his jail cell that he just disappeared.  See The Middle Kingdom became the Magical Kingdom and Mystical Kingdom.  Buddhist Monk Nashi Sango was never seen or heard of again.

Three years later the magic and mystery continues.  Background:  1989 Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China, the ruthless commies suppress a peaceful gathering murdering thousands.  During this event a young dissident named Li Wangyang was arrested.

For twenty years Li Wangyang was in prison, constantly subjected to beatings, solitary confinement, and hard labor.  This commie treatment resulted in heart disease and diabetes for Li Wangyang.  About a year ago he was released from prison and went to a hospital for treatment.  His family said his spirits were high.  On June 6, 2012 the commies claim Lie Wangyang committed suicide using bed sheets in his hospital room.

The commie authorities claimed after an investigation and review of hallway surveillance video it must have been suicide.  There was a guard in the hallway outside his room, not to protect him, but to insure he would not engage in dissident activities. 

Here is where The Magic Kingdom and Mysterious Kingdom arose:  Li Wangyang was discovered dead in his hospital room hanging from bed sheets around his neck with his feet touching the ground.

Please explain:
1-       How one commits suicide by hanging with their feet on the ground?
2-      How come during his twenty years of being in prison, subject to beatings, hard labor, and solitary confinement he never attempted to commit suicide? 
3-      Why did the commies cremate his body prohibiting his family from examining the body?

The Dallas Morning News reported this June 6th incident in a small to be missed article on July 14. 2012.  Did The Dallas Morning News – DMN delay the printing of this article as not to upset their commie overlords in Beijing?  Were they trying to protect their journalist credentials in China?  

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