Friday, July 20, 2012

South Korea gives up on whaling

South Korea gives up on whaling

South Korea at the IWC announced they will go whaling for scientific research in their own waters.  This announcement caused the governments of New Zealand and Australia to go caterwauling (screeching like an injured cat), along with so-called environmentalist and Sea Shepherd. 
South Korea surrenders to anti-whalers

Why?  The South Koreans will go whaling in their own waters, not New Zealand or Australian waters, nor in the pretend whale sanctuary in the Southern Ocean.  Australia and New Zealand need to mind their own business.

The South Koreans announced they no longer intend to go whaling in their own waters.  They allowed New Zealand, Australia, so-call environmentalist, and Sea Shepherd to dictate to Koreans what they can and cannot do in their own waters.  Basically the government of South Korea who boldly stands firm with the commies’ lunatics in the Hermit Kingdom – North Korea folded like a weltered flower under criticism from outside groups and nations.     

Whaling nations not bullied
The Faroe Islands, Iceland, Japan, and Norway have not allowed their sovereignty to be breached by other nations and groups and continue to go whaling.  Their governments are answerable to their people not wanna-be imperial nations and eco-terrorists.    

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