Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paul Watson, Osama Bin Laden,
and some questions

Now that Paul Watson is on the run future pronouncements from him will have to be made from a cave just like Osama Bin Laden use to do.

Some questions:
1 - Will Discovery Channel Animal Planet continue with Whale Wars and the fugitive Paul Watson?

2 - Will Discovery Channel Animal Planet replace the fugitive with the monotone / boring Peter Helmethead / Cabin Boy?

3 - Is this the end of Whale Wars without their melodramatic animated fugitive?

4 - Will the Secretary of State for the U.S. Pacific Northwest state of Washington revoke Sea Shepherd’s organizational charter since their leader is now a fugitive?

5 - Will the IRS – Internal Revenue Service revoke Sea Shepherd’s tax exempt status since their leader is a fugitive and embarrassment?  

6 - Where is Watson - W. I. W.?

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