Friday, July 6, 2012

Sea Shepherd scared to challenge South Korea

Sea Shepherd scared to challenge South Korea

South Korea at the IWC announced they will go whaling for scientific research in their own waters.  This announcement caused the governments of New Zealand and Australia to go caterwauling (screeching like an injured cat). 

Why?  The South Koreans will go whaling in their own waters, not New Zealand or Australian waters, nor in the pretend whale sanctuary in the Southern Ocean.  Australia and New Zealand need to mind their own business.

One not to mind their own business is Sea Shepherd.  Captain Kangaroo is blaming the Japanese for South Korea’s announcement.  He claims the Japanese will be the major consumer of whale meat from South Korea.  Huh?  Just a few months ago Sea Shepherd claimed there were tons of unsold whale meats being stored in Japan.  So why would Japan want South Korean whale meat when they have tons frozen in storage? 

Sea Shepherd inserted Japan into this story to resurrect the hate within their minions for Japan and the Japanese. 

The Captain claims he will not send his fleet into Korean waters, but instead send his minions (not him) into South Korea to harass the people like they do in Taiji, Japan.  The whaling town in South Korea is Ulsan.  Perhaps the good people of Ulsan will treat the cowards of Sea Shepherd as the residents of Osaka, Japan did in Taiji, Japan and caused Sea Shepherd to hurriedly leave Taiji under police escort.          

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