Monday, July 9, 2012

Sea Shepherd South Korean whaling and dummy Mr Tony

Sea Shepherd South Korean whaling and dummy Mr. Tony

This is a new type of video with Mr. Tony the “dummy.”  Hope you enjoy the “dummy.”  The use of the dummy resulted from a few suggestions by YouTubers for me to do “voice-over” work.  Also an inspiration from the Italian YouTube puppet channel:  Nonna Maria (see link below).    

South Korea announced it will consider whaling within its waters and lunatics around the world reacted like lunatics (no surprise there). Australia’s “Sky News” their program “Agenda” reported on this issue in the tradition of the American bias news media.  During the show the news reader interviews Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd (see video link below).

During this interview the Sea Shepherd leader demonstrates a detachment from reality.  The responses given are hallucinatory / detached fantasies bellowed by the esteemed Sea Shepherd “dear leader,” (Captain Kangaroo).  Never once did the Australian news reader question or challenge Captain Kangaroo’s inaccuracies and questionable ascertains.   

The interview was pure showmanship in the tradition of “P. T. Barnum,” the American showman who coined the phrase, “A sucker is born every minute.”    

Below is the link to the mentioned interview / video.  Start at the 3:03 mark:

Link to Nonna Maria’s YouTube channel:

Link to Texas Daddy store:
Mr. Tony dummy

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