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Sea Shepherd interviewed about South Korean whaling

Sea Shepherd interviewed about
South Korean whaling

South Korea announced it will consider whaling within its waters and lunatics around the world reacted like lunatics (no surprise there). Australia’s “Sky News” their program “Agenda” reported on this issue in the tradition of the American bias news media.  During the show the news reader interviews Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd (see video link below).

During this interview the Sea Shepherd leader demonstrates a detachment from reality.  Here are some of the hallucinatory / detached paraphrased fantasies bellowed by the esteemed Sea Shepherd “dear leader,” along with modified corrections:

Captain Kangaroo: was sure the Japanese had a lot to do with South Korea’s decision to start whaling.
Reality check:  South Korea and Japan cannot even establish a mutual military cooperation agreement in the face of a belligerent North Korea and China.  But we are to believe the South Koreans at Japans urging agree to start whaling.

Captain Kangaroo:  Japan needs South Korean whale meat for the Japanese whale meat market. 
Reality check: The anti-whalers just a few weeks ago gleefully reported there was tons of unsold whale meat being stored in Japan unable to sell.  So with this so-called surplus why would Japan need or want to import extra whale meat? 

Captain Kangaroo:  Claims Japan is also “pushing” Iceland and Norway to pursue their whaling activities. 
Reality check: Can anyone seriously give this a thought?  Iceland and Norway have been whaling nations long before they even knew there was a nation called Japan.

Captain Kangaroo:  Background:  Currently Australia filed a claim in an international court in reference to Japan whaling in the Australian make-believe whale sanctuary in the Southern Ocean.  The interviewer asked “Dear Leader” how would a court decision impact Japanese whaling.  “Dear Leader” claimed the Japanese will just ignore any verdict coming out of the court. 
Reality check: Further proof of a “Dear Leader” fantasizing as there is no reason to suspect a verdict by the court being ignored.  The claim was made to support the need for his anti-whaling cult as it is the only effective means to halt whaling in the make-believe whale sanctuary. 

Captain Kangaroo: He continues throughout the interview make reference to Australia’s make-believe so-called whale sanctuary in the Southern Ocean.
Reality check: Only four nations recognize that make-believe whale sanctuary in the Southern Oceans.

Captain Kangaroo:  Mr. “Dear Leader” claims 90% of the original whale population has been depleted.
Reality check: How does he know what the “original whale population” was?  Whales have been around anywhere from five to ten million years.  Did “Dear Leader” come across some cave etchings in French caves?  Was he around five million years ago to count the whales?  Did he come across an ancient manuscript or scroll with those numbers:

Captain Kangaroo:  He ends by claiming if Japan is stopped from whaling it would also stop whaling in South Korea, Iceland, and Norway.
Reality check: What a pathetic statement rooted a pure detachment from reality. 

“Dear Leader” throughout the interview continually vilifies the Japanese in reference to South Korea’s whaling decision.  Truth is Japan had nothing to do with this decision.  However to garner donations from suckers around the world, the minions who are emotional wrecks unable to think independently, these scurrilous accusations appeal to this group.

These statements are pure showmanship in the tradition of “P. T. Barnum,” the American showman who once said, “a sucker is born every minute.”    

Below is the link to the mentioned interview / video.  Start at the 3:03 mark:

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