Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd
fleeing German authorities?

Translated Costa Rican article (see link below):

Germany ordered the arrest of Paul Watson anywhere in the country

 July 24, 2012 - 4:37 pm |
--> Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Roverssi.
Randall Rivera Vargas
Twitter: @ randallriverav

The German authorities ordered to stop the Canadian environmentalist Paul Watson anywhere in the country after two days did not show up to sign the local court.

Against him there is an extradition process, although the Foreign Ministry had confirmed that policy was already done, then corrected himself and said he was in the process of sending documents.

The authorities hoped to sign the submission on Tuesday, after breaching the move on Monday, however, Watson did not appear.

This was confirmed by Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Roverssi.

Watson is charged in Costa Rica trying to escape a vessel in one of their demonstrations against shark finning.


Translated German article (see link below):

Paul Watson - Eco-terrorist escapes from Frankfurt

24/07/2012 (2 hours)

Where's Paul Watson (61)? The leader of the militant environmentalists "Sea Shepherd" and self-styled "Eco-Terrorist Ter" is the German justice escaped.


Look at these translated articles, it looks like Watson is on the run and wanted by German authorities:

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