Sunday, July 15, 2012

Paul Watson: license to have children,
domestic cats eat too much fish

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson entertained another Russian news outlet, this time it was an interview with “The Voice of Russia,” a Russian radio broadcast. 

In this interview Mr. Watson said in part:
“I feel that people should have a license to have children, that they have proper education how to raise children. And that nobody should be allowed to be a parent unless they can prove that they are competent enough to be a parent. …………….So, I do believe that we have to have some sort of protocol when it comes to have children.”
That comments reeks of eugenics.  Eugenics was a social movement popular among self-appointed elitists.  It’s bankrupt elitism was exposed when expanded and twisted by Hitler’s Nazis.     

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson also said:
“That is one of the reasons that Sea Shepherd Society ships vegan vessels, because first of all pigs are eating more fish than sharks, and domestic house cats are eating more fish than seals. That is something we should stop.”

After reading the above is any commentary necessary?  Does it not communicate all that is needed to be known about this showman?

The saddest part of this ranting is not so much it reveals a pathetic mind, but as much of what it screams about his minions, the cultists’ trust-fund babies who worship his ranting disguised as compassion.  It tells of a man with no respect for human activity, total disregard for individualism, and “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” (United States of America “Declaration of Independence” July 4th, 1776).
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