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Sea Shepherd to purchase political asylum?

Sea Shepherd to purchase political asylum?

Former Sea Shepherd member Peter Bethune is taking Sea Shepherd to a court in Maryland, United States of America, for money owned to him in the amount of $500,000.  Sea Shepherd has not paid Mr. Bethune the remainder owed to him for the purchase of the Ady Gil.  The Ady Gil collided with the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru No.2, resulted in the Ady Gil being abandoned at sea. 

Subsequently Mr. Bethune illegally boarded a Japanese vessel, was arrested, and taken back to Tokyo.  In prison for about five months.  While in jail Sea Shepherd dumped him from the organization.  This may have caused him to sing like a canary to the Japanese telling them all Paul Watson did.   Telling what was done because of his orders or consent.  When Mr. Bethune was released he was welcomed back into Sea Shepherd.  Watson discovered Bethune sung like a canary resulting in the Japanese issuing an arrest warrant for Watson.  Watson then threw Bethune out of Sea Shepherd.

This is the warrant the Japanese used to seek Mr. Watson extradition from Germany causing Paul Watson to become fugitive Watson when he jumped bail and left Germany.  Mr. Watson is now a wanted man in three countries on three continents.    

Sea Shepherd is seeking political asylum for fugitive Paul Watson in two South American countries.  Usually in order to obtain asylum from South American nations bribing officials helps.  Basically some nations in South America sell political asylum.  After World War Two many Nazis fled to South America and now it seems fugitive Watson is following their footsteps. 

Bottom line:  Sea Shepherd’s minions need to increase their donations to help purchase political asylum for Dear Leader, the fugitive Watson.

The United States Department of Homeland Security in 2008 issued a document concerning eco-terrorist in the USA.  Sea Shepherd is listed as one of those groups.  Support Sea Shepherd and according to the USA Department of Homeland Security that support is for a terrorist group.  Shame!

Fugitive Mr. Watson issued a communique blaming Japan for all his trouble and an attempt to justify jumping bail from Germany.  All that goes wrong with him is only because of Japan, never mind his actions and activities.  He plans for Sea Shepherd with himself will challenge the Japanese whalers come this whaling season.

He named their upcoming operation as “Zero Tolerance.”  He said they are willing to risk their ships and themselves in this operation.  Except one can expect him to exempt the Steve Irwin, and fugitive Watson from their bravado of “willing to risk.”

Remember during the last whaling season fugitive Watson on the Steve Irwin sailed back to Australia fearing an arrest by a so-called Japanese security vessel following him.  What fugitive Watson seems to fear most is a Japanese jail. 

He claims if he is sent to Costa Rica it would be a death sentence for him.  Truth be known, in actuality the safest place for this fugitive would be in a Japanese jail.         

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