Thursday, July 12, 2012

Liberals: USA nuclear weapons are the problem

Liberals:  USA nuclear weapons are the problem
In The Dallas Morning News a column appeared titled, “U.S. ignoring most basic question on nuclear bombs.”  The column basically implores the USA to eliminate their nuclear weapons in the interest of peace.

The columnist questions the sanity of using nuclear weapons after one is attacked.  Basically writing if the USA is attacked by nuclear weapons and millions are murdered does it make sense to murder millions more in the nation that delivered the first salvo? 

The writer forgets “MAD” – Mutually Assured Destruction.  This policy averted nuclear bombardment during the Cold War as the USSR and USA both had a desire not to be retaliated against.  Now with the collapse of The Evil Empire (USSR), liberals in the USA see no reason for the United States to maintain their nuclear weapons. 

The writer questioned: “Deterrence is a euphemism, a brand on a box that also contains retaliation.  Mass murder as revenge for mass murder.  This is the policy we support?”

This at a time when America’s adversaries are stock piling nuclear weapons.  They being, Iran, North Korea, and China.  Then we have the possibility of Iran giving nuclear weapons to a terrorist group and North Korea selling them. 

The writer concludes in the last paragraph:  ”The U.S. should be leading the world towards ‘near zero’ or the abolition of these weapons.”

Liberals do not see reality they only see what their feelings are, as long as it feels go then it must be right.

Doctor Michael Savage wrote a book titled “Liberalism is Mental Disorder,” can we get an “amen?”

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