Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sea Shepherd's head of the serpent

Paul Watson the head of the serpent?

W. I. W. = Where is Watson? 
“W. W.” = Wanted Watson.

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson has been in Germany since May 13, 2012 awaiting the disposition of an extradition request filed by Costa Rican authorities.  During this review period Mr. Watson was ordered by a German court not to leave Germany pending the outcome.

It has been reported that Mr. Watson has jumped bail and German authorities have issued an arrest warrant for him.  Meaning the 250,000 bail (303,288 USD, 23,729,745 JPY) paid by his organization has been lost. 

Mr. Watson claimed while he was in jail and under house arrest in Germany, if he is extradited to Costa Rica, it would in effect be a death sentence.  He claims a so-called “shark fin mafia” in Costa Rica placed a contract / bounty on his head.  However with this fear he still waited in Germany for the outcome even though he feared for his life if extradited to Costa Rica.

Then he found out Japan was seeking to extradite him, and that is when he fled, jumped bail and left Germany.  Huh?  Does that mean Paul Watson feared a Japanese jail more than he feared a jail in Costa Rica?   He feared for his life if extradited to Costa Rica.  There was no threat to his life in Japan, yet he feared Japan more than Costa Rica.  Something is missing here.

The previous whaling season in the Southern Ocean Paul Watson broadcasted to the Japanese is number one and sole fear:  He fears a Japanese jail.  He did this when he ran from a so-called Japanese security vessel tailing his vessel the Steve Irwin.  Mr. Watson sailed to Australia to escape the threat of being arrested by the Japanese.

With Watson under house arrest in Germany all the Japanese had to say were three words:  Extradite to Japan.  Upon hearing those three words Paul Watson became a fugitive and jumped bail.  When he jumped bail that act in essence cut the head of the serpent off. 

With Watson as an international fugitive wanted on three continents how can he head Sea Shepherd?  Would their state charter from the State of Washington, on the USA’s Pacific Northwest, come into question?  How can the State of Washington allow this organization a corporate charter with a fugitive as there leader? 

Will this cause the Internal Revenue Service – IRS, question the tax exempt status of this organization with an international fugitive as its leader?         

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