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2012 Summer Olympics in London, some questions

2012 Summer Olympics in London,
some questions
 The torch for the 2012 summer Olympics in London traveled around the world without any notable incidents.  The same could not have been written four years ago when that torch traveled the globe heading towards Beijing, China (commie-led-land) for the 2008 summer Olympics.  When the 2008 torch traveled it was met by massive protests and demonstrations. 

Yet in 1936 when the summer Olympics were held in Hitler’s Nazi Germany, no reported incidents involving the torch.  Could it be the commies in China are hated more than Hitler? 

The United States Olympic team will enter the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom wearing commie made uniforms (made in China).  The uniforms for the U.S.A. team were paid for and designed by Ralph Lauren.  This caused an uproar in the U.S.A.  It even got notable Democrats like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada, and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco, California to issue comments of condemnation.  It is rare when U.S. Democrats in this 21st century criticize anything having to do with commies. 

This resulted in the U.S.A. Olympic Committee to state the 2014 Olympic uniforms will be made in the U.S.A.  So?  The 2012 uniforms will still be made in commie-land.  When this uproar happened a few clothing manufacturers in the USA offered to make uniforms for the whole team in time for the opening games in London.  The offer fell on deaf ears. 

USA company offered to make the uniforms:

Of course CNN (Communist News Network) defends the commie uniforms:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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