Saturday, June 12, 2010

The World Cup of Soccer U.S.A vs. UK - England

The game between the United States of America and the United Kingdom ended with no winner, both scoring one point each.

Talk about a snooze fest. I labored through nearly two hours of men athletically accomplished not accomplishing a victory or a defeat. Did I miss something? Watching this most anticipated game illustrated why soccer fever has not encompassed the United States as it has much of the planet.

Watching the game and the disappointing end, one can now appreciate why soccer games historically result in hooligans running wild through the streets of host cities. These poor victims eagerly sitting in the stadium waiting for action, get nothing in the way of scoring, thus causing them to release their enthusiasm on the streets.

Give me hockey, basketball, American football, and baseball. All result in scoring, a clear winner with minimal to no hooliganism.

I guess to make the next historical soccer game palatable, I will view it wearing my sleeping attire ready for a real snooze. Boring!

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