Tuesday, June 8, 2010

PropagandaBuster2 YouTube channel contest

Conducting a contest on PB’s other YouTube channel: PropagandaBuster2.


To enter the contest go to the PropagandaBuster2 channel and access the contest video,in the comment section type: “I win.”

Also must be a subscriber to PropagandaBuster2. If not a subscriber, please subscribe, then enter the contest.

June 30th contest ends 12 midnight.

One subscriber to PropagandaBuster2 who enters the contest will win an autograph copy of the book, “The Speeches of Texas Daddy.” Book consist of 15 short videos on a DVD and the transcripts to those videos in both English and Japanese. At one time the book was ranked 43rd on Amazon.jp.

Will ship to the winner anywhere on the planet (earth), except the Intergalactic Federation (wherever that is).

Good luck folks!

Link to MadBadVoodo:


PropagandaBuster’s blog (no contest on that channel, just great videos):