Monday, June 21, 2010

General Electric upset with China

During the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, the USA network NBC (owned by General Electric – GE) broadcasted the games to the United States. According to NBC during these broadcast China was a magnificent land. It basically was a puff piece for China by GE / NBC.

GE through NBC pushes green energy as they produce green energy products. The NBC puff piece on China was an attempt to gain a favorable foot hold in the massive Chinese market.

Guess what? China was not moved by the puff piece and General Electric is angry at China for basically being blocked out of the China green energy market. China has proposed rules that would lead its government agencies to buy high-tech and other goods only from companies that develop the technologies in China. The plan is also to subsidize Chinese companies in industries such as clean energy.

Excellent example to GE and others, you can never trust a commie. To a commie you are nothing but a capitalistic pig. To the people in the USA you are just a pig. Oink, oink, and ha ha!

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