Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fiction: Japan bribes IWC

The Sunday Times, a London newspaper (United Kingdom) reported a sensational story they claimed proved Japan was bribing some member nation of the IWC – International Whaling Commission. This story hit the news just when the IWC was holding its meeting in Morocco.

A reporter for The Sunday Times masquerading as an IWC delegate from Switzerland, offered to purchase the votes of delegates from St. Kitts and Nevis, the Marshal Islands, Kiribati, Grenada, Republic of Guinea, and Ivory Coast. The reporter offered to pay the delegates more money for their votes than they got from the Japanese.

The delegates in return said sure, now you pay us more. The delegates where scamming the reporter who was trying to trap them. The delegates said to the dope reporter, the Japanese gave us money and prostitutes, now you give us more money and prostitutes.

This to the bias news media was proof the Japanese paid bribes to votes. What is interesting, is nowhere in the article did the reporter actually catch the Japanese offering bribes. It was all he said she said. Very poor reporting job, more like a hatchet job. The leftist news media throughout the world accepted this flawed report as proof of the Japanese behaving badly.

Then they accused Japan’s foreign aid to these nations as bribes because those nations then vote with Japan at the IWC. That is not a bribe, it is gratitude. See that foreign aid in exchange for votes is nothing but an accusation, pure fiction, because no receiving nation as come forward the said the foreign aid was a bribe in exchange for a vote.

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gemini said...

Dear Tony, June 21, 2010

Much appreciate your posting Japan issue and enojyable, and healing to see you laugh.
Regarding IWC bribe scammed by the Sunday Times, it's strange an hour ago I came across with their news report filed on June 13, in which they revealed, "Two reporters posed as lobbyists who had been hired by Dr Hans Kruber, a fictional Swiss billionaire philanthropist.."

But 10 minutes later when I attempted to return this text via google search, this Swiss name was deleted no where to find again. Somebody must have erased.
What's inconvenience? Swiss billionaire philanthropist.."

As I noticed you also mentioned in your video that "Swiss guy offering..", Is it decent for the Sunday Times reporter to disguise Swiss name "without" prior permission by the Swiss authorty?