Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Israel defends itself

The Gaza Strip currently administered by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement). Hamas lost an election, but took control by force. Egypt and Israel have or had a blockade of the Gaza to insure no weapons passed through their borders to Hamas. Hamas has been responsible for launching thousands of rockets indiscriminately into Israel at times landing in school yards and parks, murdering civilians.

The whole world knew Israel maintained a naval blockade of Gaza to block to flow of weapons to Hamas. Knowing this a flotilla made up of international activist, and dopes launched six boats with supplies for Gaza announcing their intention to sail through the Israeli blockade.

This flotilla leaving Turkey, was sponsored, organized by a group called “The Foundation for Human Rights and Humanitarian Relief (better know as “IHH”). This group was formed in the mid 1990’s to help Muslims in the war torn region of Bosnia in Europe.

Since then they have had links to al-Qaeda. Also the “millennium bomber,” the dope who was caught in 1999 at the U.S. Canadian border with a vehicle loaded with bombs. His intention was to cause an explosion at Los Angeles Airport on New Years Eve. He was sponsored by the IHH.

The flotilla was intercepted by the IDF (Israel Defense Force) in the Mediterranean. Five of the six boats no problem when occupied by the IDF. The sixth boat the IDF was met by violent activist / terrorist determine to create a violent encounter to the delight of the world media. This resulted in the death of 10 activists and critically wounding of IDF forces.

Rather odd how this issued within 48 hours made its way to the U.N. Security Council. While the murdering of 47 South Korean sailors by the commies in North Korea has not made it to the U.N. Security Council. North Korea’s ally the commies in China managed to block any discussion in the U.N. Security Council. While the U.S., ally to Israel made no such similar effort.


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אתה מדהים שאפילו. ילד יכול להבין
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אתה מצליח לראות את האמת ולהעביר אותה
בשפה ברורה ואמיתית
ישר כוח
שאלוהים יברך אותך ואת מדינתך
אני מברך אותך איש יקר

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