Monday, June 21, 2010

Internet Kill Switch needs to be killed

Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman (Independent, use to be a Democrat before they threw him overboard) Introduced legislation titled, “Protecting Cyber Space National Asset Act of 2010,” (PCNAA), popularly referred to as “Internet Kill Switch.” It would create a new agency under the Department of Homeland Security called “National Center for Cyber security and Communications” (NCCC).

Basically the legislation would permit a president to close down the Internet or parts of in the event of a national emergency as designated by the president.

Background: The commies in China have been engaging in massive cyber attacks on many nations, business, and military computers around the world. A favorite target of these commies in China have been anything USA. Recently the Defense Department had to shut down their computers to stop a massive cyber attack originating in commie-led China.

With that in mind this legislation is an attempt to block such attacks upon the Internet within the United States. However a few concerns here. Such authority already exist in part in section 706 of the 1934 Communications Act which reads in part: “Threat of war….the president may seize control of any facilities or station for wire communications” So why is this new legislation needed?

In light of Chicago thug politics now the norm in The White House, trusting President Obama with this additional authority is a concern. With this regime take over of industry, banking, and shake downs, the concern is legitimized by the behavior of the Oval Office.

Thugs, and despotic regimes historically to control the flow of information and cripple activitism by their populace have shut down the Internet. Such as when the commies in China shut down the Internet in their regions of Tibet and Xinjiang. The bums in the leadership of Iran did the same in the aftermath of their rigged elections.

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