Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Democratic Party leadership loathe the American military

Video first posted on YouTube: October 22, 2009
United States Marine Corps (U.S.M.C.) Sergeant (Sgt) John Bernard recently appeared in an article in The Dallas Morning News (DMN), reprinted from the Associated Press (AP). Sgt Bernard’s son, Corporal (Cpl) Joshua Bernard, also a Marine, recently died in combat in Afghanistan. Sgt Bernard is attempting to alert the nation that the rules of engagement in Afghanistan are causing the unnecessary death of many U.S.A. military men and women.

The rules basically restrict the use of artillery support, air support, and use of drones if there is a possibility of civilian causalities. Without this support it puts American troops in greater danger as evident by the increase military causalities coming out of the Afghan theater.

The American commander in the Iraq War, General David Petraeus, was summoned to report in front of a United States Senate committee. Before the general even spoke, the Democratic Party leadership on that committee called General Petraeus a liar! To the Democratic Party leadership he was a liar before he spoke, because he was in uniform. That uniform was proof enough to them to bring his honesty into question.

Democratic Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin on the floor of the United States Senate accused American troops in Iraq of behaving like Soviets (commies) in their gulags, Nazis, and Pol Pot mass murderers.

General Stanley A. McChrystal commander of American forces in Afghanistan in August of 2009 requested 40,000 additional troops to carry out the mission. President Barack Obama has yet to make a decision concerning this request. Instead the President is continuing his campaigning, touring the world to apologize for the USA, holding White House galas (gigs), and playing basket ball. All this while troops are in battle and dying for this nation. This is the result of electing a president with zero executive experience.

To the Democratic Party leadership, their loyalty is not to the nation or the security of the nation, but to the attainment and maintaining political power. How anyone in the United States can ever vote for a Democrat while our sons and daughters are at war, is most baffling if not disturbing.