Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Women priests a bias news article

The Dallas Morning News reprinted an article from The Washington Post titled, “Womenpriests increasing as Vatican stance questioned.”

This was another in a long line of articles / attacks by The Dallas Morning News and the American News media towards the Roman Catholic Church. The article was sympatric towards those Catholic women desiring to become priest in the Church. The article alluded to the early church where they believed women held priest type position.

As proof they printed along with the article a photograph of a mosaic from a wall in a church in Italy. The church was rebuilt around 780 AD. In the photograph above the mosaic in Romanesque type font written in English appeared, “Roman Catholic Women Priest.” The mosaic is of four women, three of which seem to have a halo.

Why would an 8th century mosaic in a church in Italy have English lettering? Well the actual mosaic appearing in the church of Saint Praxedes does not have any inscription above it.

In the article below the mosaic the writer states the middle woman of the three with a halo was the Blessed Mother, Jesus’ mother. The truth is the Blessed Mother is not in the mosaic. Two of the three women are sisters, one of whom was martyred. The third a person by the name of Agnes.

Basically the media in the USA is in attack mode when it comes to Christianity. They achieve their goal they first are going after the largest Christian group, the Roman Catholic Church. How many articles have been written about no women as Muslim imams, rabbi’s in Jewish Orthodoxy or as Buddhist monks? None.

The media’s attempt to degrade Americans belief in God has not been successful. Americans go to mosque on Fridays, synagogue on Saturdays, and church on Sundays.

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