Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sea Shepherd vigilante injustice

Recently Greenpeace attacked blue fin tuna fishermen in the Mediterranean Sea and it made world headlines. These headlines must have caused jealousy among the Sea Shepherd children because the headlines belong to them, not Greenpeace. Adding to another description for Sea Shepherd add: publicity whore.

These Sea Shepherd culinary imperialist behaving like vigilantes stopped a tug pulling a pen filled with 800 blue fin tuna. Captain Kangaroo demanded from the tug boat crew documentation the tuna was caught before the cut off date for hunting tuna in the Mediterranean. In an attempt to prevent the girly men from illegally releasing the tuna, a fisherman was attacked by a Sea Shepherd grappling hook. Causing injury to the fisherman.

A request was made to use the Sea Shepherd helicopter to get the bleeding fisherman to medical help, Sea Shepherd replied only with vulgar gestures. The tug had to leave the pen with the 800 tuna to get the fisherman medical help. They also accused Sea Shepherd of firing rubber bullets at them.

A day or two later Sea Shepherd seeking more publicity was menacing fishing boats in Libyan waters. The fishermen were firing flares at the girly man helicopter and their rust bucket garbage scow. According the She Shepherd Libyan radar locked onto their helicopter. So the cowards landed their helicopter on their rust bucket and took off out of Libyan waters for international waters. Such brave children of the sea who run at the first sign of formable opposition. What happened to their trumped concern for the blue fin tuna?

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